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Our clothing customization factory is proud to share that we have over 15 years of experience in creating high-quality garments for our customers. We have developed a strong reputation for our expertise and attention to detail, which has led to many long-term partnerships with small-scale wholesalers and large-scale brand owners alike.


Our factory spans over 6000 square meters and houses more than 200 skilled and experienced employees, including designers, pattern makers, tailors, and quality control personnel. who work together to create the perfect garment for each customer.

Whether you are a small-scale wholesaler or a large-scale brand owner, we invite you to partner with us to create high-quality customized garments that will exceed your expectations.
Our advanced machinery and equipment are sourced from top manufacturers such as Juki, Brother, and Gerber. We have 2000 machines in total, each capable of handling different types of fabrics and producing high-quality garments efficiently. Our machinery includes:

– Cutting machines from Gerber that use CAD technology to ensure precision cutting and minimize waste
– Sewing machines from Juki and Brother that are capable of sewing a variety of fabrics, including delicate fabrics such as silk and lace
– Embroidery machines from Tajima that can create intricate designs with a high level of detail
– Press machines from Hashima that ensure professional finishing on each garment

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Some reviews from

"As a European brand, I have very high demands on the quality of clothing, especially for children's clothing. Not only do we need to consider the aesthetics and comfort of the clothing, but also environmental and children's safety factors.

After listening to your company's introduction, I am very pleased to see that your factory has strong certifications, which indicates that your products have undergone rigorous quality testing and environmental audits, and meet European safety and environmental standards. In addition, as an environmental advocate, I am very concerned about environmental protection and sustainability in every aspect."
"From a customer's perspective, I am very impressed with your company's production capabilities and high-quality products. I have had negative experiences with suppliers who are not reliable in meeting delivery deadlines or producing products to the required standard, and I appreciate that you take quality control seriously and prioritize timely delivery."
" I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the partnership we have established over the past few months. As a small-scale wholesaler, I have had my share of challenges in trying to source products that appeal to local customers, but partnering with your company has truly been a game-changer.

Thanks to your expertise and knowledge of the global market, you were able to provide me with some of the most popular styles in your country that I otherwise would not have been able to find locally. Additionally, your team went above and beyond to help me complete the designs and deliver the products in a timely and efficient manner.

I cannot stress enough how much your contributions have helped my business grow. Your products have been selling very well, and the feedback from my customers has been overwhelmingly positive. I am so grateful to have found a reliable partner that I can trust to help meet the needs of my business and my customers.

Thank you again for your time, assistance, and dedication to your craft. I am eager to continue our partnership and look forward to what we will accomplish working together in the future."